MAIA keeps order in the sky traffic

MAIA is your personal guide through the world of drones and unmanned flying

What is MAIA

Mobile App

Brings you map with aerial zones, active UAV pilots nearby, flightbook and set of other useful features.

Web App

Allows you to comfortably manage your data on desktop, get statistics and alerts.

Drone Tracking HW

Provides GPS positioning incl. QNH, real-time tracking and remote supervision.

Advanced solutions

Enterprise and Security oriented features such as geofencing, drone detection alert or collision avoidance.




View current alerts

Displays list of aerial zones and restrictions.

Meet other people

Brings you basic info about other pilots around you.

Track your flight

Initiates the flight and creates a note in your flight book

Get in touch with pilots

Share info

Have fun

Type of aerial zone

Zone name

Vertical interval

Contact info

Export flightbook to file

Name & Machine


Date & Time

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People say about MAIA

Unique possibility to get in touch with other pilots

Tomas Frank, UAV Pilot

The more pilots use MAIA, the more valuable it is

RC Revue

MAIA has a huge potential to improve safety awareness of UAV concerning it's integration to air traffic.

Adam Jandora, Air Traffic Controller